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2010-11 NYS Science Olympiad
Helicopter Duration Event

Congratulations to Daniil and Robert of Ward Melville High School for winning this year's NYS Science Olympiad helicopter duration event!

Both winners will receive a $250 scholarship from the AHS Empire State Chapter

The 2010-2011 "Helicopter Duration Pilot" Event supports student development of knowledge skills and abilities very similar to those required for the "Wright Stuff" and "Balloon Launch Glider" events. The helicopter rotor and the rubber band motor are both limited in size and constrain all contestants equally. Points are scored for "time aloft" and bonuses and penalties can apply to the overall score.

Please see our FAQ for further details.

Help us promote open and fair competitions by reviewing the following documents.

Notes for Volunteer Judges, Coaches, and Participants

Notes on the Official Helicopter Duration Rules

The Official Helicopter Duration Pilot Event Rules













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